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Flowering plant and How They Ensure Their Survival 

Flowering plants are plants that produce flowers which contain stamen and ovaries. After fertilization, the petals drop off, the ovary enlarges to become the fruit and the ovules become th seeds. There are fleshy and juicy fruits like tomatoes and durians as well as dry fruits like nuts and peas.

As we know, plants need space, nutrients and light to live. Seeds cannot grow well under the shade or overcrowded conditions. As plants have limited movement, it is necessary for them to disperse their seeds through other agents. Dispersing seeds and fruits increase the chances of survival for new plants as they are moved away from the parent plants. Thus, intra species competition becomes less and they will have the basic needs to grow healthy.

Plants cannot move freely. Therefore, their seeds and fruits need to be dispersed from the parent plant. There are four types of dispersal :
a) by wind
b) by animal
c) by water
d) explosive mechanism.

Seeds and fruits dispersed in each type have special characteristics.

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Plant Survival
Seed dispersal

by wind 
by animal ( animal food , catching a lift
by water 
explosive mechanism 

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